Growing up, Melanie Borden never set out to work as an executive in a car dealership. After entering the auto industry in 2009, she fell in love with the energy and excitement of the business. In 2020 she was asked to be on several women in automotive leadership panels. Having the opportunity to meet with so many interesting and talented women, Melanie realized that there were so many other women that were just like her. Female leaders either single or not that had children.

Our Mommy Works with Cars is a story voiced in Melanie’s daughters voices, based on actual experiences with her daughters when they went to work with their mom. This book shines a light on all of the incredible women that work in auto dealerships, and the problems they solve in their everyday lives. When Melanie’s daughters were aged 2 and 3 she asked them what they thought she did for work. They both replied, “You work with cars Mommy!”

A Look Under The Cover