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It’s rare to come across a stand out talent like Melanie. As a brand marketing consultant or a leader, Melanie has my highest recommendation. Any person or company would be lucky to get her insights and strategy if they are looking to increase their social media presence and influence. Above all, Melanie is 100% dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and define their brand, all delivered with her amazing attitude.

Fleming Ford,
ESI Trends

I am thrilled that I found Melanie Borden on LI to help me with my new company. Wow! What a pro! She’s organized and impressive. She created a content file for me that well exceeded my expectations. She is sharp and efficient and I would definitely recommend her. I look forward to working with Melanie on future projects.

Kelly Edgar,
The Virtual Controller

I have had the pleasure of working with Melanie for more than a decade – she is smart, tenacious, energetic, well trained, ridiculously efficient, and one of the very best marketers I have ever seen in the industry! Melanie has expertly filled the role of every challenge placed in front of her and competes at a very high level. I am highly confident that any organization that interfaces with Melanie, that she will be a solid asset driving tangible results!

John McAdams,
Social Dealer

Melanie is an expert in her field and incredibly thorough in her execution. I would highly recommend partnering with Melanie and her team to truly leverage the power of a effective and efficient social media strategy.

Bill Reidy,
Thumbs Up

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melanie for the past couple of years assisting her with marketing solutions for Celebrity Motors. I’ve found her to be a terrific media partner. Her knowledge of the auto industry is top notch and she makes very smart advertising decisions for Celebrity Motors. She has been able to maximize ROI while substantially improving profitability. Melanie is an enormous asset to any organization.

Bob Meara,
Client Command

Melanie is an absolute master at her craft! I walked away from our meeting with so many tools in my toolbox and am so inspired by for my next steps on this LinkedIn journey. Thank you so much!

Rhianna Sheldon
34 Strong, Inc.

I have known Melanie for over 12 years and I am constantly amazed by her growth! I remember when she was my rep for my website and CRM for my dealership back in the day. Now she’s grown to a high level executive role for a major auto dealer group. She’s putting out incredible content and becoming an inspiration for business people. I am proud to call her a friend and colleague. I look forward to seeing her grow even further.

Stan Sher,
Dealer eTraining

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