About Melanie Borden

M A N A G I N G   M E M B E R

Melanie Borden has worked in various atmospheres from public tech companies to private start-ups, retail, and now has established her own marketing consultancy, Melanie Borden, LLC.

As a natural outgrowth of her work as a marketing executive, Melanie recognized the opportunities available to use online marketing strategies to build corporate and personal brands. She has successfully built her own brand, and helped others to do so as well. She has been published or interviewed by by Good Morning America, Daily Mail, The Epoch Times, Working Mother Media, Hip New Jersey, New York City Biz List, HeyOrca!, CBT News and more. Her expertise includes the full gamut of marketing oversight and implementation, such as budgeting, strategic use of vendors, enhancing digital footprints via social media, reputation management, online monetization, and building and managing advertising processes.

Melanie provides marketing and branding consulting to both businesses and individuals, as a resource for guidance as well as an outsourced marketing department, depending on a client’s needs and preferences.

Cassie Celine

S O C I A L   M E D I A   M A N A G E R

Cassie Celine is a content marketing evangelist with a passion for communication. Driven by creativity, Cassie combines artistic abilities with strategic thinking to cultivate captivating multimedia design.

Cassie studied Advertising and Marketing Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Fascinated by communication and utilizing media to tell a story, her passion for design and writing led her on a career path as a social media marketing manager. Her obsession with internet culture makes social platforms the go-to pastime. Whether Cassie is Tweeting away, dancing on TikTok, or creating beautiful aesthetics on Instagram, she is hooked on the scroll and innovating social strategies through culturally relevant content.  She has experience in branding and creative marketing, specifically on LinkedIn. Cassie is excited to contribute to meaningful work that builds a more connected and inclusive environment.

Emma Rozek

B R A N D   S T R A T E G I S T

Emma Rozek studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she majored in Advertising and Marketing Communications with a minor in design thinking.

This led her to her position as a brand strategist at Melanie Borden, LLC. For as long as she can remember, Emma has always had an affinity for applying her creative abilities in any way she can, whether it be in an assigned project or in her downtime through art, photography, etc. With artistry serving as a medium to tell a story, she discovered her passion for doing so by developing strategies for brands to convey their message to their audiences while incorporating aspects of design to continue her own creative expression.

Emma is able to pursue that career by applying her knowledge in brand building and management to assist Melanie in the mission to grow the client’s brand as well as her own.