Strategic, targeted marketing can increase market share and drive revenue. Leverage the marketing expertise of Melanie Borden, LLC to complement your existing business structure.

Melanie Borden, LLC is much more than just a marketing consultancy.

You can run your business and focus on the areas where you are an expert. We can support your existing marketing department, help you execute marketing campaigns, or advise you of where you are missing opportunities in your marketing. We can structure a relationship that works best for you.

There are multiple ways we can help, including:

Marketing Strategy Review: a review of your marketing strategy focused on identification of gaps, potential opportunities, and solutions.

Once the Marketing Strategy Review is completed, we can work with you to implement the proposed solutions. This can be on a short-time basis for as short as 1-3 months, or on a long-term basis, depending on needs, budget, and other considerations. This will allow us to work with you to hone an effective strategy, in real time.

Melanie Borden, LLC can help you with:

OEM Compliance
Co-op management
Analytics and tracking
Marketing Accounting Oversight
Marketing review recommendations
Marketing procedures which impact sales activities
Media Buying and Planning
Paid Social Strategy
Social Media Strategy and Management
Reputation management strategy & implementation
Development of go-to-market strategy
Technology assessment (and recommendations)
Vetting and retention of vendors
Site reporting and Google analysis
Branding and style guides
Competitor analysis

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