About Melanie

Melanie Borden has spent the majority of her marketing career in the automotive tech industry. Melanie has worked in various atmospheres from social media startups to a public tech company in consulting, marketing, and business development roles. She has driven marketing efficiencies for her clients along the eastern seaboard from NYC to Burlington, VT. Melanie is the driver for the marketing vision and strategy from inception to execution for the clients she has worked with. Presently, she is the Vice President of Marketing for Celebrity Motor Cars, a franchised highline auto group based out of the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan area.  Melanie develops and implements every single facet of the marketing and advertising strategy, and singlehandedly built the in-house advertising agency.

Melanie is a monthly contributor to 2 automotive trade publications, Dealer Magazine, as well as Dealer Marketing Magazine.

You can buy Melanie’s book, “Our Mommy works with Cars” on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and several other online retailers.